Air Conditioning SocasteeAnnually, we receive hundreds of concerns from customers in Socastee, South Carolina. These concerns either require some help regarding their air conditioning maintenance or repair work solutions. We understand the importance of staying cool and comfortable during the summer in South Carolina. We have records of people who felt uncomfortable and irritated when they go home from work to find out they have a busted air conditioning unit.

How Does Your Air Conditioner Work

Your air conditioning unit is responsible for managing the air activity, dampness, filtration, and temperature level of your workplace or home. Your air conditioning unit can also function as your dehumidifier which is why it is fastened to your refrigeration system. The task of the refrigeration device is not simply to preserve your home’s cool temperature but to decrease humidity. These air conditioning systems in Socastee are usually systematized with a duct that brings the cool air throughout the house.

Air Comfort Heating & Cooling offers these services:

  • Provide punctual answers to your heating and air inquiries
  • Residential air filtration systems
  • Overall repair work for your heating and air conditioning unit
  • Installation or repair of heat pumps

Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Well-Maintained

A well-maintained air conditioning system could actually conserve you thousands of bucks. Just what this entails is seeing to it that the filter is changed on a regular basis, and the system is routinely checked by a Socastee air conditioning expert. To conserve money, you can take into consideration having your system analyzed prior to the cold or very hot weather. If some components need to be replaced, they must be acquired immediately. This is so you will not be experiencing heat throughout summer season while waiting for the system to be fixed.

You also need to clean the air duct prior to turning on the system. A number of our customers live beyond Socastee and they are most likely come to us at the very least, annually.

It is a common misconception that your air conditioning system decreases the temperature in your house by creating cooler air. In fact, what it does is eliminate warm air and bring it back as cooler air. This process is repeated until your desired temperature is achieved.

If you think that your air conditioning unit is not functioning as it should, call Air Comfort Heating & Cooling to have it checked by their professionals. Air Comfort Heating and Cooling serves Socastee, South Carolina as well as the surrounding area in Horry County. Socastee originated from a Native American word “Sawkestee.” Socastee houses one of the few remaining intact examples of the post-Civil War development.


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