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home heat pumpThere was a time in the not too distant past that words “eco-friendly” and “heat pump” were incompatible. Heat pumps had a reputation for being an enemy of the environment and for being a ineffective way to cool and heat your residence. All this has changed thanks to federal government requirements for heat pump effectiveness. The heat pump manufacturers have long been considering that satisfying these government guidelines and even exceeding them was a wise business move. These days, heat pumps are known as the eco-friendly choice for homeowners especially in the south with the climate is milder. How have things changed so much? Much of it comes down to how heat pumps work.

First, think about how central heating & cooling systems function. They take air and then heat it or cool it to the temperature level you require based on the temp you have set your thermostat at. The systems require an energy source to get this task done. That means your central heating or cooling system requires the energy from your electrical system or gas/natural heat system– in some cases both. It does not comes as a surprise to anyone with knowledge of these systems that the energy utilized is considerable. Running your heating and your air conditioning can increase your power costs by hundreds of dollars monthly. In addition to being a drain on your wallet, these central systems and the energy that they utilize are a drain on the environment.

Now, consider the latest heat pump innovations. Heat pump do not use energy to heat or cool air to any temperature level. Rather, they merely circulate the air. During the winter, a heat pump takes the warm air from outdoors– even though you may not feel it, there is hot air in the air even on the coldest days– and it pumps that warm air into your house till the thermostat reaches your desired temperature level. During the summertime, a heat pump operates in reverse. The pump takes the warm air from inside of your house and pumps it outside, till the internal temperature reaches the desired level of coolness. Because the heat pump is not heating or cooling anything using electricity or gas, the energy operating expense are much lower. And due to the fact that less energy is used, the effect of running a heat pump is far less on the environment than running a main cooling or heating system.

All heat pumps are not created the same, however. If you reside in an older home and your heat pump predates the federal government guidelines, then it still might be terribly inefficient. Even brand-new heat pumps can differ significantly in regards to their efficiency. Likewise, heat pumps are not efficient in environments with severe temperature level swings.

All things thought considered, nevertheless, heat pump are perfect services for environmentally friendly heating and air conditioning.

Now is a great time to have your heat pump services before the cold days of winter set in. Call us today to schedule a convenient time to service your heating and cooling system.

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