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Air Conditioner repair Myrtle BeachFebruary has proven to be an exceptionally warm month here in the south. Which begs the question – what will summer have in store for us. Now is the time to make sure you are prepared for the “dog days of summer.”

Your Myrtle Beach home energy expense will depend mostly on the energy usage of your heating and air conditioning system, especially on the effectiveness of your cooling system. While systems running at peak efficiency can cut as much as 20 percent off your energy expenses, poorly maintained systems can significantly increase your costs and runtimes.

Proactive upkeep is the key to a correctly working air conditioning unit. Routine maintenance will also ensure lower energy expenses and lead to a well-functioning system along with a comfy and healthier house environment this summer.

Air Comfort suggests five important steps you can do now to get your system prepared for peak efficiency in the summer months:

1) Clean or Replace the Filter Once a Month

Some air conditioning models feature non reusable filters, others have filters that can be cleaned up with water. Despite the filter type, cleaning this part of your unit regularly is your primary concern. With filthy and dusty filters, your AC system will need to work harder to provide comfy air to the home.

2) Keep the Outdoor Unit Clean

The outdoor system, or condenser, must always be devoid of anything obstructing the components. Debris, plants growing, leaves or yard clippings can obstruct and damage your unit, causing it to run less effectively. Using a clean cloth or brush, carefully clean the coil from the fins. Be careful not to utilize a great deal of force or you may bend the fins. Keeping the outdoor system clean from debris will reduce resistance and boost your A/C system’s performance. Do not forget to switch off the thermostat before trying to clean up the system.

3) Clean Indoor Ductwork

Since ductwork is concealed within your walls and ceilings, a full cleaning of your duct work ought to be done by a professional. You can keep parts of your ductwork clean and dry by removing signs up and checking and wiping the visible parts of the ducts. While you are cleaning is a good time to inspect these parts of the ducts for wear or water damage.

Due to condensation, the duct can accumulate wetness. This can damage your system and can lead to the development of mold and fungus. If there is water damage to your system, deal with the problem immediately by calling a professional. Do not try to fix the system by yourself, considering that there might be many different issues leading to breakdown.

Air Conditioning Myrtle Beach4) Inspect and Maintain Fan Belts on Outdoor System

Inspect the fan belts routinely and adjust or replace them if needed. These parts can typically be acquired at your local hardware or home improvement store. Nevertheless, make sure that you acquire the proper replacement part for your specific system. These components ensure that your air conditioning system is running at maximum efficiency, so they play a key function in lowering your energy bills.

5) Schedule a Pre-Season Tune-Up by a Specialist

You must hire a professional to check and “tune” your air-conditioning system every so often. Besides having the right tools and know-how, a certified specialist can unblock, repair or update your system, keeping it running effectively and address concerns prior to when they end up being bigger issues. The expense of a seasonal tune-up is a very little investment that can keep extend the life of your system where carried out regularly. Air Professionals Heating and Cooling has a great maintenance program that will save you the cost of an emergency call-out in the heat of summer.

General Recommendations

While some procedures can be performed by property owners, others will need the assistance of a professional. When in doubt, hire an air conditioner system specialist. A relied on professional will ensure that the system is working appropriately and getting his/her guidance will likewise save you from many possible problems.

Keeping your home cool is important in the hot summertime! Make sure you’re gotten ready for the season by keeping in mind these five crucial methods to obtain your A/C system ready for the time you’ll need it most. Likewise, take the time to know your a/c system. Familiarity with the most vital parts will be vital for you to do regular upkeep, explain concerns with the experts and to make sure that your system operates properly.

Schedule your air conditioning maintenance today. You will be glad you did when the weather heats up.

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