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Thermostats Myrtle BeachWhat most of us already know is that our heating and air conditioning systems consume the most electricity; thus, largely contributing to our monthly utility bills. This is why most of us are continuously looking for ways on how to properly and conservatively use these devices.

As the need for more conservative use of air conditioning systems arise, developers and manufacturers sought to generate and integrate programmable thermostats with the use of heating and cooling system.

Programmable thermostats could easily be preset to automatically adjust the temperature based on the owner’s occupancy and habits. Hence, when it could detect changes in its surrounding, like when no one’s home or if it becomes too hot, it will adjust the thermostat automatically.

And now these programmable thermostats have become more amazing as it is now integrated with current technological advancements. They can now offer more energy savings and provide a much better and a higher quality performance.

Types of Programmable Thermostats

Its popularity and effectiveness have prompted more individuals to produce different types of programmable thermostat. Each type offers different features that will surely suit the needs of any homeowner. Below are the different types of programmable thermostat available in the market today.

Nest Learning Thermostat

This is one of the most talked about and attractive thermostats today. It has a small round shape and changes colors to indicate its current mode – blue for cooling mode and orange for heating mode.

The reason why it’s considered the most attractive is because of its sleek design. Though it doesn’t have buttons, it features an outer ring where adjustments could be made. It also has a screen in the center where you can see the programmed settings.

What makes this thermostat popular is probably its ability to learn and remember your habits based on the various adjustments you make throughout the day. Eventually, it will be able to create a daily temperature schedule so you no longer need to constantly make program adjustments.

Another great feature of the Nest is its sensors that detect when no one is at home at which point it automatically shuts itself down. Additionally, it shows a leaf symbol on the screen to inform you when you are saving energy.

At the moment there are two generations of the Nest offered in the market. One sells for about $200 and is compatible with 75 percent of HVAC units. The other is priced at a little more than $200 and works with most heating and cooling systems. Both could be controlled and adjusted remotely from any smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Ecobee EB-STAT

As one of the most expensive thermostats in the market today, this particular product stands up to its worth. It features a larger full color screen than most conventional units and offers scheduling for one whole year. You can simply upgrade its software and download system reports without costs. And it is compatible with most HVAC units as well as heat pumps, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and ventilators.

It costs about $300 and like other programmable thermostats, it could be controlled using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer via the Internet.

Hunter Universal Internet Thermostat

As one of the most affordable thermostats offered in the market today, the Hunter doesn’t disappoint. It features quick and easy installation and connection to the Internet to allow more convenient access to the thermostat.

For less than $100, you can easily program your thermostat from your smartphone, tablet or computer similarly like other more costly programmable units. Plus, since it is connected to your router, you can call it to change settings before coming home so it warms or cools up even before you get there. Plus, it will send you email alerts to inform you whenever its batteries are running low or when it’s time to change the filter.

While these units promises to help lower your utility bills and make the most of your HVAC units, it is still important to carefully choose which specific unit will work best for your heating and cooling systems. Not all these programmable thermostats are compatible with your HVAC units. So, better do your homework and conduct more research first – if you must, get online reviews for each of the thermostat you are considering using – before actually purchasing one.

Also, it is always good to get professional advice when purchasing and professional assistance when installing your programmable thermostat. Doing so will result to more savings rather than wasting your money in buying a thermostat that is not compatible with your HVAC system.

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