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Myrtle Beach air conditioning systemSummer is coming to a close but we will still have warm days and even in the fall we get those Indian summer days. Proper and regular maintenance of your Myrtle Beach air conditioning system is important not only because it helps ensure proper and efficient performance but also because it will help you save money on your energy bills. This is most especially true during summer an fall when you tend to turn on your HVAC unit to full blast for longer periods of time.

Ensuring that your air cooling system is always in utmost working condition will help extend its lifespan and, thus, relieve you from constantly paying for repairs and replacing your system after every couple of years.

Aside from an annual check-up, you should also put your heating and cooling units through energy-saving tune-up. This is a good idea any time of year. In this article, several tips are discussed.

Complete annual checkup with a Myrtle Beach air conditioning professional

You can have a local air conditioning professional or technician like Air Comfort Heating and Cooling to conduct an annual checkup of your air cooling system. Although you can do the annual checkup on your own, it is highly suggested that you leave this task to professionals as they are more experienced and skilled to handle the job efficiently and properly.

Some of the tasks that a local air conditioning professional will do include:

  • clearing the drain – which involves removing some parts of your AC unit
  • cleaning outdoor unit – which involves removing the fan blades and cleaning the condenser fan
  • cleaning indoor unit – which involves removing dust and other debris in the evaporator coil
  • Basic Myrtle Beach air conditioning maintenance that you can do

Aside from calling a professional, you should also do your own maintenance. The first thing you need to maintain every summer is your unit’s filter. According to professionals, keeping your filters clean can decrease your energy use by 15%.

If you use a reusable filter, you need to wash it before using it for longer periods of time and once every month during summer. If you are using a disposable filter, you need to replace it with a clean and new one once every month to help maintain efficient performance of your heating and cooling unit. Maintaining a clean filter will ensure your air conditioner will not use as much energy to send out cold air.

Another part of your air conditioner that you need to keep clean is the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit needs to be kept clean and free of leaves and other debris that might block it from efficiently pulling in and blowing off air. Thus, it needs to be placed in an area that s at least two feet away from trees, shrubs, and other vegetation. You should also make sure you rake the area around the outdoor unit everyday especially during fall.

Other helpful energy-saving tips

Here are some other tips to help you save energy from using your HVAC this summer.

  • Use a programmable thermostat. This type of thermostat allows you to pre-program your temperature settings so that it will automatically change whenever necessary. For example, it will automatically raise the temperature when you are asleep or out of the house and lower it back down when you return home. You can also opt to use smart thermostats which allow you to program your temperature settings using your smart phones.
  • Inspect for any open spaces in your heating and cooling ducts. It is important that you immediately seal all opening that you see to ensure no cold or hot air will be wasted.
  • Close all doors, windows, and other types of opening in your home or room to ensure no cold air escapes. Keep in mind that the more cold air that escapes from your home, the slower your room will get cold and the more energy you waste.
  • Try not to set the thermostat any higher than what is comfortable for you. This doesn’t cool a room quicker but only makes your AC use more energy than necessary.

For more Myrtle Beach air conditioning energy-saving tips, contact Air Comfort Heating and Cooling.

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