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air conditioner repair myrtle beachHere in Myrtle Beach we are already experiencing warm days and it is only April. It will be time to turn the air conditioner before you know it – are your ready.  If not, then getting your Myrtle Beach air conditioner ready needs to be a top item on your to do list. You have a couple of options when it comes to getting your air conditioner ready for summer – you can call a Myrtle Beach air conditioner professional or you can do it yourself.  Most items are easy and can be done by following a few safety precautions.

If in the process of getting your Myrtle Beach air conditioner ready for summer you realize that you have a refrigerant leak or even a broken fan, then you will need to contact a Myrtle Beach air conditioner professional.  These are problems that will bring your system to a halt on the hottest day of the year.  However, the most procedures for getting your Myrtle Beach air conditioner ready can easily be done by the average homeowner.

Filters for Myrtle Beach Air Conditioner

In the average central air system, you can wash and reuse the filter.  If you are using room units, they are usually disposable and will need to be replaced periodically.  No matter which type of Myrtle Beach air conditioner you use, the filter is the point in the system than can cause it to work much less efficiently if they are dirty.  A filter that is not clean will cause the cool air to be blocked and your system to work harder than it needs to.  If not dealt with, this problem will only get worse because the dust will settle on the evaporator coil and causes the coil not to be able to absorb the heat.

It has been shown that a clean filter can reduce energy use by up to 15 percent.  This is a simple maintenance task that is covered in your Myrtle Beach air conditioner owner’s manual.  In most instances with central air systems, the filter is located near the AC unit along the return duct.  If you have a room unit, it is located under the inner grill which is removable.

Be careful not to purchase a filter that is designed to trap finer particles.  Although this sounds like a good idea, the filter will actually reduce the airflow.  When we have one of those dog days of summer, you want that air flowing!

Coils and Fins for Myrtle Beach Air Conditioner

Both central and room Myrtle Beach air conditioner have two coils which are usually made of packed copper tubes with fins made of aluminum that are designed to accelerate temperature transfer.  The cold-side or indoor coil is referred to as the evaporator coil.  The hot-side or outdoor coil is called the condenser coil.  Over time both coils will collect dust (here in the south, they really collect pollen) that will decrease the cooling capacity of Myrtle Beach air conditioner by up to 30 percent.

Simply take a soft brush and clean the coils both inside and outside Myrtle Beach air conditioner.  Another technique is to use low-pressure compressed air.  A Myrtle Beach air conditioner professional will often clean stubborn areas with steam cleaners or chemicals.  Be especially careful to not bend the aluminum fins during cleaning.  Make sure that you work against the air flow which will push the dust out the way it came in and not future into your Myrtle Beach air conditioner.  If you notice that the fins are folded over, you will want to check your local hardware store for a tool referred to as a fin comb which will bring the fins into their proper position at least to a degree.

Condensate Drains on Myrtle Beach Air Conditioner

Beneath your Myrtle Beach air conditioner is a pan that catches condensation and prevents drain lines from being clogged.  You will want to clean this pan and run a stiff wire through the drain to clear any debris.  Throughout the summer you will want to check this pan to ensure there is no standing water which can cause mold.  Look at your manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to sanitize the pan.

Prior to actually starting your Myrtle Beach air conditioner, you will want to have your ducts cleaned.  This will prevent that dusty smell when you start up the unit and will clear out any pollen that built up over the spring.  This will increase the life of your Myrtle Beach air conditioner.

Call us today to schedule a thorough check of your Myrtle Beach air conditioner before we are in full swing of a Myrtle Beach Summer.

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