HVAC Filter cleaning Myrtle Beach

HVAC Filter cleaning Myrtle BeachAmong the most important and easily neglected part of your HVAC system is its filter. The filter is responsible for proper and efficient movement of the air throughout the room. This part of your air conditioner needs constant cleaning to ensure it will not be clogged with debris, dust, or dirt.

If you think your filter will clean itself without you allotting the time for it, you must definitely think again. Here are some other reasons that will surely prompt you into cleaning your HVAC filter every week, if not on a daily basis.

  • Aside from dust and dirt, grease and other small particles from the air can clog the filter. These will be deposited to the fins and clog the cooling area; thereby, hindering your air conditioning unit to produce cold air.
  • Because moisture is produced in the cooling process, the fins are always moist; thus, debris and dust from the clogged filter will easily stick to them. And because they are moist, bacterial growth is likely to happen, especially with the sticking of the small particles coming from the clogged filter. If there is bacterial growth in the fins, bacteria is likely to be included in the air blown out of your HVAC system.
  • A clean filter helps in smooth and efficient performance of your cooling unit. A clogged filter makes it difficult for the unit to produce cold air, pushing it to consume more electricity for the cooling process. As a result, you often have a high utility bill at the end of every month.

Cleaning your air conditioning filter

It is advised that you clean your air conditioner filter once before you use it in spring. Schedule cleaning every three or four weeks to ensure there will be no dust and debris build up. On the other hand, if you live in an area where it is dusty or if you live with smokers in the house, it is best to clean the filter every two weeks.

For window type air conditioners, filters are often in the form of mesh screens. These can be simply cleaned by washing in warm soap and water. Rinse well and allow to air dry before putting it back in the unit.

A window type air conditioner my also use a foam filter. If your filter is made of foam, you will have to replace this with a new foam filter that can be easily made from foam sheets, which you can buy from home supply stores.

If you are using an outdoor commercial type of air conditioning system, you will have to clean the filter using chemical solutions. While this is an effective way to clean the filter, the chemicals you use may have an effect on the performance of your cooling unit. Hence, you may opt to changing and replacing the filter every two months of use instead.

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