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HVAC Myrtle BeachIndustry professionals agree that proper maintenance of your HVAC and heat pump are important in keeping your furnaces in highly efficient working condition, extending its life span, and reducing the amount of energy it uses and, thus, your utility bills as well. Keep in mind that proper maintenance is not only to benefit your air cooling units but also to ensure it is in an efficient working condition to be used in longer hours due to the change in weather. This is why maintenance is often conducted at the end of a season and before the weather changes. Here are some helpful tips from industry professionals to help you maintain your HVAC and heat pump.

HVAC Maintenance Tips

  • Check your air filter if it needs to be replaced. If you leave it dirty and full of dust and debris, the evaporator coil fins will be easily covered in dust.
  • Check your outdoor condensing unit for any debris accumulating near it. Do not let leaves, plants, grass and other debris piles up near your condensing unit as they can block efficient airflow and reduce the efficiency of your HVAC and also cause costly repairs.
  • Help your air conditioning unit circulate air throughout your home easily by not blocking vents. Make sure all air vents are not obstructed by any furniture to allow for efficient airflow.
  • Have an HVAC professional do an overall and thorough and inspection of your entire HVAC and heat pump. Some of the most important things to look for in the inspection include:
  • The correct amount of refrigerant and test for refrigerant.
  • Duct leaks in central systems
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Air flow in the evaporator coil
  • Thermostat accuracy
  • Electric control sequence – Make sure your heating and cooling system do not run simultaneously
  • Your HVAC’s belts and oil motors
  • Electrical terminals

Your air conditioning system and your heat pump can last up to 12-15 years if you implement proper and regular maintenance. Call Air Comfort Heating and Cooling now.


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