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HVAC Myrtle BeachMany new residents in Myrtle Beach are from cooler states where they had furnaces and oil tanks. If you are one of these new transplants from the north, you probably are unfamiliar with the concept of a heat pump.

A heat pump refers to an electrical device used for extracting heat from one place and then transferring the heat to another. The device transfers heat by circulating a substance known as refrigerant through a cycle of condensation and evaporation. The compressor will pump the refrigerant between two coils, which are heat exchangers. In a single coil, the refrigerant will be evaporated at a low pressure and will then absorb heat from its environment. The refrigerant will then be compressed to the other coil, where it will condense at high pressure. At this point, it gives off the heat, which it absorbed earlier in the cycle. If you notice any problem with your heat pump, call your local HVAC repair company right away.

Parts of a Heat Pump

A simple heat pump installation consists of two parts, namely, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit.

The indoor unit is known as the air handler and looks the same as a gas furnace. The outdoor unit looks almost exactly as the central air conditioner in both appearance and size and it contains the compressor. Whether the heat pump is cooling or heating, the compressor is usually considered as the heart of the system as it is the pump that usually circulates the refrigerant through the loop.

How the Heat Pump Works

The heat pump does not create heat but instead usually moves any available heat from one place to another. The outdoor unit soaks up the warmth from the surrounding air and then transfers it into the home. As the outside temperature goes down, the heat pump must work harder so as to transfer the same amount of heat. The process of how the heat pump works can be explained into two dimensions – during winter when heating and during summer when cooling.

During Winter/Heating

In heating mode, the outdoor heat exchange unit is usually used to absorb heat energy from the surrounding outdoor air by using refrigerant as the medium of heat transfer. The hot refrigerant is then pumped through pipes made of copper up to the indoor heat exchange unit. The heat energy is then transferred to the cooler indoor room air when the air passes over the indoor heat exchanger thus warming the room.

During Summer/Cooling

When in cooling mode, the indoor heat exchange unit is used. This indoor heat exchanger absorbs heat energy from the indoor room air by using refrigerant as the medium of heat transfer, hence cooling the room air. This refrigerant then is usually sucked back to the outdoor unit once again through copper pipe. The heat energy is rejected to the outside surrounding air through the outdoor heat exchange unit.

Advantages of a Heat Pump

  • They are safer than the systems based on combustion
  • Are cheaper to run than gas and oil boilers
  • Require less maintenance than combustion heating systems
  • Provides cooling during summer season
  • Have a long life span hence very reliable and steady source of heat.
  • Reduces emissions of carbon and has a good conversion rate of energy to heat.

In conclusion, heat pumps pump the heat into the home in winter season and pumps out the heat during the summer season. Therefore, they function like a furnace during winter season and like a central air conditioner during the summer season. This ability of both heating and cooling makes the heat pump to be a very efficient and economical system of keeping a home at expected comfort levels. Making sure that they are in tiptop shape all year round with the help of HVAC Myrtle Beach professionals should be among your priorities.

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