Myrtle Beach Heat Pump

Myrtle Beach Heat PumpA Myrtle Beach heat pump is another heating solution you can consider for your home. Heat pumps have been in use since the 1940s and have gradually become a popular heating option for many residential homes. It is more common in areas where there are moderate climates. If you are considering installing a heat pump for your home, it helps if you learn more about this heating solution first.

How a Myrtle Beach heat pump works

One thing homeowners should know about heat pumps is that they work similarly like air conditioners and air cooling systems but in a reverse process. Heat pumps use the refrigeration cycle to pump heat to the outdoor air before blowing it inside the house.

The process basically starts with the outdoor compressor unit, which collects the outdoor air. The outdoor air passes through the copper tubing and aluminum fins of the compressor unit to be compressed before being transferred to the air ducts. Once inside, heat is pumped to the air before it is distributed throughout the house.

Note that there are generally two types of heat pumps – air source and ground source. Air source heat pumps draw heat from outdoor air while ground source draw heat from the ground. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Seek professional assistance from Air Professionals of SC Inc. to help you choose which heat pump to invest in for your home.

What powers Myrtle Beach heat pump

A heat pump runs on electricity. Unlike other types of heating units available in the market today, it does not need fuel or oil. And because of this, experts believe that heat pumps are safer to be used as there is no risk of catching fire inside the house because of the fuel or gas. The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is also eliminated.

Despite this, however, industry experts strongly suggest hiring a professional for the installation of the unit because improper installation may lead to problems in the heat pump system including leaks in the ductwork and insufficient refrigerant levels. These problems, if not resolved immediately can develop into more severe and dangerous problems. Keep in mind that there is a specific process and certain steps and precautions to follow when installing heat pumps. This is it is highly recommended that you leave this task to trained and experienced professionals.

Heat pumps are better alternatives to fuel-based furnaces, which can provide lots of risks. Make sure that you are working with a trained and experienced professional when it comes to Myrtle Beach heat pump.

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