Heating and Air Surfside Beach South CarolinaThere are lots of reasons why you should call a heating and air Surfside Beach professional. It may be due to occasional repairs, regular checkups or annual tune-ups or upgrades. Despite these, the most important reason is due to replacing an outdated heating and cooling system.

You need to immediately have your heating and cooling system replaced not only to ensure utmost efficiency but also to save your wallet from paying high monthly utility bills and repeated repairs. More importantly, ensuring you have an HVAC system that is in good condition also ensures the comfort of your family, especially during these winter season.

There are 3 signs you need to watch out for to tell when it is time to call in a heating and air Surfside Beach professional and have your HVAC system replaced.

Three Signs It’s Time To Call

  1. The age of your heating and cooling system

If your HVAC system is more than 10 years old, it is time to have it checked out by a professional. If you do not know how old your HVAC system is, it is a good bet to look at the age of the house. If the house looks old and it seems that the HVAC system has not been replaced since the house was built, then it is definitely time to have the heating and cooling system replaced.

If you recently bought a home, it is good practice to have an HVAC expert to conduct a thorough inspection of the home’s heating and cooling system. This will help you assess whether or not the system was taken care of by the previous owners of the house. Otherwise, you will have to pay for replacing it with a new one.

The best thing about replacing your old and worn out HVAC system is the modern technology used to develop the newer models and brands of heating and cooling systems. Generally, newer HVAC systems are more technologically advanced in terms of size and power usage, generating utility saving for the homeowner. Plus, there is better indoor air quality and sufficient air flow.

  1. Indoor air temperature is not equal throughout the house.

 You will know if your indoor air temperature is not equal throughout the house if it feels cold in one room and slightly warmer in the other room. You may also feel a draft in some hallways.

If you notice that the air temperature inside the house is not equal, it could mean there is a problem with your heating and cooling system. Now, this may be a simple repair or an overall system replacement. To ensure, have an HVAC professional check your heating and cooling system to confirm whether or not the problem could be repaired. Otherwise, you should replace your HVAC system with a brand new system.

  1. If you had a recent addition to your home.

These additions may be an extension of your master bedroom, a suite for a member of the family who is moving in, or a second story. These additions, regardless of the location and the size, increase the square footage that your heating and cooling system needs to fill out.

If you have a small size heating and cooling system, you need to get a bigger sized one so that your HVAC will not have to work harder in order to fill your home with the right indoor air temperature. Keep in mind that if it works hard, it will use up more electricity and you will end up with higher monthly utility bills.

If you are not sure whether or not to replace your HVAC system, schedule a heating and air Surfside Beach professional to check your system.

Air Comfort Heating & Cooling serves Surfside Beach, South Carolina and its surrounding area. Also know as “ The Family Beach,” Surfside Beach is a town that promotes a laid-back and child-friendly atmosphere. Located in the heart of South Carolina Grand Strand, this town offers more than just pristine beaches but  a;so an “Autism Friendly” environment.


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