HVACOne of the common problems that you might experience as a homeowner is your Myrtle Beach heating and cooling system. This is one piece of home equipment that is the most likely to get worn out from overuse. But what can you do? You need to use your HVAC unit throughout the year to help control the temperature at home. Otherwise, you will have to nurse a cold or fever and handle the increasing cold or heat on your own.

To prolong the life of your HVAC unit and prevent constant damage to the system, you will need to have better maintenance and be able to plan your use of the system. Commit to a regular maintenance schedule and always check for signs of damage. This is indeed one of the best ways to prevent costly repairs on any kind of home furniture or equipment.

You can also employ a better plan of using your heating and cooling system. Set a specific time on when to switch the system on and off. Inform the rest of the household about this schedule of use so that they, too, know how to properly use your furnace and take good care of it.

Aside from these, you also need to brush up on your troubleshooting skills so that you can apply immediate repair should you notice signs of damage.

Listed below are common Myrtle Beach heating and cooling problems and how to resolve them.

Blockage in the pipes

Heating and cooling pipes can easily be blocked by debris and lime scale build up. This is why you need to commit to regularly cleaning your pipes. Spend time to clean your heating and cooling pipes and remove all debris and lime scale inside them before they build up and block the passage way.

Bear in mind that a blocked passage way prevents warm or cold air from circulating properly throughout the house. This is probably the reason why some parts of the house are colder and other parts are warmer. If you don’t do something about this real quick, it will lead to more costly repairs and may even result in replacing your pipes.

What you can do to remove debris and lime sale build up in your pipes is power flushing. This will remove all types of blockages in all the pipes simultaneously without the need to detect and identify where the specific blockage is located.

Heat pump not working properly

Your Myrtle Beach heating and cooling pump may not work properly due to several reasons. Basically, however, the problem usually stems from malfunctioning of fuses, pressure buildup and thermostat issues.

For this type of problem, you need to call in professionals and have them look at your heat pump. They have the necessary skills and expertise to inspect the heat pump, find out the cause of the problem, and resolve the problem. Be sure to hire only licensed professionals to ensure the job is done properly and that there will be no further problems with your heat pump.

Thermostat problems

If you recently experienced a surge, this may accidentally shut off the thermostat of your heating and cooling unit. As a result, it won’t be able to read the temperature properly; thereby, causing some rooms to have a colder temperature than other areas of your home.

Another problem that you might have with your thermostat is when it becomes old that it’s no longer able to properly measure the temperature. To resolve this, you can either adjust the thermostat or replace it.

For other problems you are experiencing with your Myrtle Beach heating and cooling or HVAC system, call Air Comfort Heating & Cooling now.

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