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HVAC systemAs you’ve already noticed, summer is when you need to focus more on cleaning your HVAC systems and ensuring they work efficiently. This is also the time for your spring cleaning to start the season fresh and clean. Experts suggest including cleaning your air purifiers and humidifiers to ensure they are in their utmost working condition.


Keep in mind that summer is when allergies and asthma attacks are high. This is because of the allergens and pollutants that are present everywhere. You need to ensure they don’t come inside your home by keeping your home clean.


Aside from allergens, however, you also need to ensure there are no pollutants inside your home. These pollutants can travel through the air inside your house and carry harmful diseases and respiratory problems like asthma and lung obstruction. Some of the pollutants inside your house that can cause diseases can be found and spread through the sofas and tables as well as through your air conditioners and refrigerators.


HVAC Tips From The Pros


Having increased humidity inside your home as well as the constant changes in temperature have been found to increase the rate of pollutants and allergens. To ensure you keep humidity at low levels, here are some tips from Air Comfort Heating and Cooling.

  • Make sure your ventilation system is in good working condition. This plays a major role in reducing the pollutants present in your indoor air. It also helps purify your indoor air. A great working ventilation system contributes greatly in creating and maintaining a healthy indoor air.
  • Check your fans and vents – The primary role of fans and vents is to drive the bad smell out and replace it with clean and fresh air. The continuous circulation of stale and polluted air coming out and the fresh air coming in will prevent mold and mildew development.
  • Install exhaust fans in the bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms – These rooms are where stale air commonly comes from. If you don’t have windows in these rooms, it’s best to install exhaust fans instead. These will ensure there is a smooth and continuous flow of air in the rooms, keeping the humidity under control. For best results, HVAC experts suggest turning the exhaust fan on when preparing food in the kitchen, using the bathroom and laundry room.
  • Open windows – This is the best way to bring in fresh air to a room. Make sure, though, that there are no trees near the widow as these may bring in pollens, dust mites, and other types of pollutants.

These tips will result in not only reducing the number of pollutants in your home but will also ensure you and your family are breathing fresh air.


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