HVAC Expenses Myrtle BeachHomeowners should help their HVAC systems this season not only to generate savings from their utility bills but also to ensure safely and efficient functioning of cooling units all throughout summer. Remember that you do not have to suffer through the hot days of summer to maintain your heating, ventilation and air cooling system. You also do not have to pay hundreds of dollars on your utility bills to achieve the ultimate comfort during the summer season.

Here are some easy tips to help you safely and efficiently maintain your HVAC systems without spending a lot on your monthly utility bills.

Use units that have the Energy Star seal

These types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are proven to use less electricity when operating but still maintain high efficiency level. Using these units will definitely help you generate savings from your monthly electric bills. Plus, you do not have to watch the time you operate your cooling units. If you are using a unit that has an Energy Star seal, you can feel safe about leaving it on 24 hours a day. If your cooling units are already several years old and you are considering replacing them, be sure to find the Energy Star seal on the unit you are considering buying.

Maintain clean air filters

Because you will be using your cooling systems for longer hours this summer, expect your HVAC filters to get dirty very easily. This is why you need to clean or replace your filters regularly all throughout the summer. If possible, clean or replace them at least once a month to ensure that they will not get clogged by accumulating dirt, dust and debris.

Note, however, that there are filters that are reusable and disposable. Reusable filters are ones that you can pop into the washer to get cleaned. You should have extra reusable filters at home so you will not have to wait for the filter to be washed and dried before replacing it in your cooling system. Disposable filters are ones that you throw away and replace with new ones. Again, it helps if you have extra disposable filters at home so you will not have to rush to the nearest store to buy a replacement filter. If you do not know what type of filter your system is using, call Air Comfort Heating and Cooling for professional assistance.

Properly adjust your thermostat settings

Most experts highly recommend setting your thermostat to a comfortable temperature. It is not advisable to choose the lowest temperature setting as this will make your air cooling system work harder and consume more electricity. As a result, you end up with a higher utility bill at the end of every month and a worn out air cooling system.

Help your HVAC systems

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems work hard to produce cool air for your comfort. Help them keep the cool air in by shutting doors and windows. Make sure they are tightly closed because even a small gap can leak cool air out and cause hot air from the outside to come in and warm your home, causing your systems to work harder to produce more cool air.

Another way to help your cooling systems is by preventing the hot rays of the sun and the outdoor summer heat from coming inside your home. You can do this by closing curtains, using effective blinds and installing exterior awnings. These all help to block the hot rays of the summer sun and prevent it from warming your home.

Run appliances that produce heat and moisture when operating during the early morning or late night when it is generally colder. This way, the heat from these appliances will not be competing with your air conditioning system during the day when it is working its hardest to cool your house. Some of these appliances include your dishwasher, washing machines and dryers.

Another appliance that produces lots of heat when operating is your oven. It will help your HVAC systems and your utility bills a lot if you use your oven less often this summer. You should also consider cooking outdoors instead of indoors so you will not add to the heat of the day and make it harder for your air cooling systems.

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