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HVAC Myrtle BeachRepairing and replacing your HVAC system is indeed costly and time consuming, not to mention stressful; especially if the whole system would need to be removed and re-installed throughout the entire house. You can prevent this from happening by regularly maintaining your heating and cooling furnace with the help of professionals from Air Comfort Heating & Cooling.

You can hire a local company to do a proper inspection and maintenance routine to the entire system at least twice a year, before and after using it during winter and summer. They will ensure your systems continue to run efficiently and flawlessly even after the long hours of using it during the warm and cold seasons. Although you already hire a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company to maintain your system, it won’t hurt to do your own part in taking care of your air cooling unit.

Consider the following maintenance checklist to ensure your HVAC is always in tip top shape.

Weekly maintenance checklist

  • Make sure you have high-efficiency pleated air filter installed on your heating and cooling system to effectively filter the air that comes in and out of the system. This prevents dust and other debris from getting inside the system and causing damage.
  • Remove leaves, grass and other debris from the outside unit of your Myrtle Beach HVAC Your outside unit should be placed a good distance away from trees and plants to ensure no leaves and debris will accumulate and block the regular airflow that the system needs.
  • Clean inside units and free them from accumulated dust. Keeping your heating and cooling systems clean at all times is the first line of preventive maintenance you want to set up.

Monthly or seasonal maintenance checklist

  • Refrigerant lines – Every month, make sure your refrigerant lines are in proper working condition and are not blocked by accumulated dust and debris.
  • Air filter – These need to be replaced at least once every 90 days depending on the brand and design that you are using. Some are required to be replaced more frequently than 90 days.
  • Furnace humidifier – This should be turned off and drained of water during summer. During fall, however, you’ll need to replace the humidifier filter and turn on the water.

Annual maintenance checklist

  • Check your carbon monoxide detector battery. Most last only for 12 months, so you might need to replace yours with new batteries.
  • Ensure the outside unit remains on solid, firm, and level ground. Lots of things may change throughout the year so you need to ensure the land on where you placed your outside unit is still level.
  • Clean your AC condensate drain using bleach mixed with water. This will ensure all types of debris that have accumulated and stuck to the drain will be completely removed.

Work only with professionals when maintaining your HVAC systems. Call Air Comfort Heating & Cooling now.

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