HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC system heats and cools your Myrtle Beach home and is often a forgettable part in our daily routine. We expect them always to work and keep everyone at a comfortable temperature during all seasons. However, all those who own a home need to remember to take good care of this important system, as repair costs and replacement greatly outweigh the cost of a little regular HVAC Maintenance. Here are five tips to keep your system operating at peak efficiency:

Regularly Change the Filter

Changing your filter is the single easiest way to keep your system running clean. However, it’s often the most overlooked, as homeowners tend to forget when the last time was they changed them. Filters are inexpensive and are available at almost any hardware store. Changing your system’s filters shouldn’t take a lot of time and will significantly improve your indoor air quality. If you have any questions about what size filter your need, it’s likely that your HVAC contractor will have that information in their system. It’s recommended to change the filter every 1-3 months.

Keep Grills and Vents Clean

Sometimes the smallest thing can cause your system to act up. It is why maintenance can be so critical. Dusting your air vents prevents debris from entering your home’s ductwork. Dust buildup inside your system can kick your blower off balance. When the fan in your system is off balance, it can cause unwanted noise and lower the efficiency of the entire system.

Keep Return Registers, and Supply Registers Open and Unblocked

Be careful when closing and blocking off portions of your system. When it’s skewed, it can have dramatic effects on your system’s balance. Your system is designed to be balanced and, often, when a section of your system is closed off, it’s prone to growing mold (which is a significant health risk to you and your family).

Try to get rid of Any Debris from the Outside Condensing Unit

Especially during fall, debris and tree leave that clog the coils of your unit can cause massive mayhem. Make sure you’re checking your system frequently and clearing it of all debris. This task can also be completed in spring. Make sure that you pay attention to bushes and tree branches.

Heat Pump Cleaning and Inspection

While these five tips can and will make a difference, we highly recommend having a skilled technician to inspect and tune up your system yearly. It’s recommended to have your heat pump looked at in the fall and have your AC checked out in the spring. The worst time to get your system looked at is when it’s already broken.

Air Comfort Heating and Cooling has annually maintenance agreements that save you time and money. We will change your filters and make sure your unit is operating at peak performance preventing future problems.

The proper and regular maintenance of your heating, cooling or ventilating system can save your money as well as time; so it is every homeowner’s responsibility to do HVAC Maintenance to create a less stressful environment. The final thing you want to happen is a total system ‘crash’ because you forgot about your filter replacement or annual maintenance.

Call us today to schedule your HVAC service and sign up for one of our affordable maintenance agreements.

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